MS17 – Minutes and Note Talking

Course Content

Minute and note taking course contents 1. What should good meeting minutes achieve? • What benefits do minutes bring to your organisation? • What sort of minutes do you need to write? • What does it all mean? – a glossary of meeting-related terms 2. Are you listening? • Six ways to listen powerfully • Six things that can break your concentration, and how to avoid them 3. Organisational hints, tips and tools for note taking and managing the meeting • Invent your own shorthand – shortcuts when note taking in longhand and a table of useful abbreviations • Note taker’s survival kit – the essentials to have at hand • Importance of pre-meeting preparation • Managing the meeting and the Chair – constructive ways to work together • Meeting timelines – what should happen when? A stress-saving checklist 4. How’s your handwriting? • What causes handwriting to be tiring or illegible? • Yes, you can blame your tools! What's the best writing implement for you? • Exercises to keep your hands limber • Exercises to help you write more legibly 5. What makes a good agenda? • What is a meeting agenda? • Setting and distributing your agenda • What to include to help you or the Chair run the meeting effectively 6. The right minutes for your meeting – layout and style • What you should and shouldn’t include – recognising facts from chatter • More formal meetings like AGMs – votes, proposers, seconders, elections, resolutions • Sample minutes for formal meetings • Minuting informal meetings • Sample minutes for an informal meeting • Recording decisions and actions • Creating an action summary 7. Techniques for writing good notes or minutes • How to word minutes – active or passive, bullets or full sentences? • Avoid wording that indicates bias • Plain Words’ rules for good writing • Making Word® work for you 8. Polishing your prose • The paragraphs, the sentences, the words • The grammar and punctuation • Proofing – how to see what’s really there • Commonly confused words • Things that make some people cross!