HS28 – Needlestick & Sharps Awareness Training

Course Content

o Hazards associated with needlesticks and sharps o Types of work where exposure can occur o Where can needles/sharps be found o Identifying levels of risk o Needlestick and sharps control measures o General control measures o Use of sharp containers o Dispensing of sharps o Legal requirements o Safe working procedures o Hazards associated with coming into contact with bodily fluids

Who Or Why You Should Attend

Any employee who may be at risk of sustaining a needlestick or sharp injury throughout the course of their work.

Course Overview

This course aims to raise the awareness of the risks of needlestick and sharps injuries and outline how individuals can adopt safer working practices to minimise the risk of injury. Upon successful completion of the course delegates will be awarded a Thomas Carroll Management Services ‘Needlestick and Sharps Awareness’ training certificate.