HS43 – Racking Safety Awareness

Course Content

The course is divided into three sections – initial presentations and explanation of non-technical theory, the hands on tour of your warehouse whereby a SEMA racking inspection will take place, and a follow up discussion. The topics covered teach your staff to appreciate everything they need to ensure the safety and longevity of your racking system, including: • Identifying key components of the system • Recognising damage • How to report damage • The importance of signage • How to prevent damage from occurring The course only takes half a working day, so if you want to offer safety awareness training to a large group of individuals, you can easily fit two sessions into one day.

Course Overview

Our Rack Safety Awareness Course is a half- day session that teaches your staff everything they need to know about how to properly maintain their warehouse pallet racking system, for safer usage and a longer lifespan. Best of all, one of our SEMA approved racking engineers will come to your premises to lead the course.