HS17 – Requalification First Aid

Course Content

Manual Handling – Moving and Handling - priorities of treatment – Initial assessment - Good Hygiene – When and where to obtain help – Respiration - - Hypoxia – Asphyxia – Choking – Drowning – Hypothermia -Contents of a first aid box/kit –Fall, Fractures, Heart Attack, Strokes, Unconsciousness –Cardio-Pulmonary resuscitation – Faints – seizures/Fits – Bleeding and shock – Choking – Diabetes – Poisoning – Burns –and Scalds and sunburn Managing and incident action plan – Circulation – Major injuries – The Health & Safety 9First Aid Regulations 1981.

Who Or Why You Should Attend

This three day course, aimed at First Aiders, provides delegates with the information needed to deal with accidents, or a sudden illness situation. And have the skills to prevent the situation getting worse, therefore enabling a quicker recovery going forward.

Course Overview

The aim of first aid is to give immediate treatment following either and accident or illness to prevent things from getting worse, whilst waiting for help to arrive.