HS29 – Search & Sweep Awareness Training [Sharps]

Course Content

Gain an understanding of why discarded needles (sharps) and drug-related waste are becoming such a problem Be made very aware of where needles and other items may occur, be hidden or even used to booby trap Learn and practice some very simple habits to minimise their risks of needlestick injury Learn about the consequences of needlestick injury and self contamination from drug-related waste Learn about and practice using a Safer Working System to help minimise risks when dealing with needles Select and develop the use of different tools to tackle different problems Practice new habits of not touching any items, whilst retaining reasonable working speed Work out how to better organise complex search and clear operations Learn about the measures needed to be taken by those who may come into contact with drug users Understand the importance of personal hygiene and equipment cleansing in relation to drug-related waste Hear about the first aid measure needed for those who suffer needlestick injury or self-contamination

Who Or Why You Should Attend

People who are required to deal with discarded needles (sharps) and / or who work in environments where needles are frequently found, for example, street wardens, hostel workers, housing officers and voids clearance teams, to name but a few.

Course Overview

The interactive, hands on workshop, aims to raise the awareness of the risks of discarded needles (sharps), how to adopt safer working practices when handling objects where needles could be hidden within them, and how to develop procedures for minimising risks in these environments