MS11 – Train the Trainer [External Trainer]

Course Content

Introduction  Course overview  Workshop objectives Understanding Training  What is training?  What is your role?  The skills you need to be a successful trainer  How training can go wrong Styles of training  Different styles of training  Learn how to develop your own style  How to build up trust  The importance of being honest  The importance of being true to yourself Communication Skills  What is communication?  Improving questioning skills  Different ways to ask a question  Do you really listen?  Developing active listening skills About Body Language  First impressions  Key body language skills  Is your body language letting you down?  The Importance of Voice  Factors affecting the voice  Using your voice  Dealing with Difficult Participants  The ground rules  Challenges and solutions  Handling interruptions  Understand how to give and receive constructive feedback  Build effective evaluation into your training sessions

Who Or Why You Should Attend

The course is designed for all types of trainers, both new and experienced, who wish to improve their skills. Gaining a full understanding of key subject such as using appropriate learning styles, developing effective communication skills, and managing difficult situations will help with any training being delivered.

Course Overview

This one day workshop is suitable for anyone who has to deliver training on a one-to-one or group basis. It aims to equip participants with the skills to design and deliver successful and enjoyable training sessions. It offers an opportunity to gain an understanding of how people learn, and gain confidence to become an effective communicator.